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What do residents of the first 72+ do as part of the program?

LSP-1bResidents and members of The First 72+ come to us from referrals by the Parole Board, local attorneys, legal organizations, the courts, and direct inquiries from currently and recently released prisoners. Clients and residents of The First 72+ receive support during the first three days of their release including (but not limited to): transportation home from prison, clothes, food, transportation to social services offices (e.g. to get state identification, get a social security card, enrollment in public benefits, visits with parole/probation), and healthcare (mental, physical, dental) provided by local partners.

After the first 72 hour stabilization period clients/residents will receive support with connecting to education and/or employment, securing long term housing, programmatic support (including healthy living, group therapy, parenting courses, financial literacy, healthy relationships/sexual health education, know your rights, etc.) provided in house and by local partners, and will be engaged in regular social events and community/civic engagement (to avoid clients/residents experiencing isolation upon release).

first 72 houseResidents will live rent-free and will be provided meals and clothing, and a stipend for incidental costs until they find employment. When residents find employment we assess their financial situation and put them on a sliding scale plan to begin supporting the house (rent, utilities, groceries).  Through a partnership with SEIU residents will receive financial planning support so that they can begin to manage their income and expenses and eventually become financially independent. Through a “fair credit” program we have developed with First NBC of Louisiana our residents are able to  utilize secured lines of credit to (re)build their credit history.

Upon completion of the program all clients/residents will be considered alumni, and like the founders, are expected to remain involved and to “pay it forward.”


Watch this short video and learn more about our program!

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